We love Melody Makers and appreciate each and every one of your volunteers.
We are always greeted with warmth and a smile from the moment we step inside which really makes a difference especially to those who come on their own/first time.

Melody makers is by far the most welcoming and fun play group we’ve been to in Huddersfield. The variety and quality of toys are excellent. Alison’s singing sessions are superb and better than any of the paid music sessions on offer across Huddersfield.

The sessions run smoothly and are well structured without being over bearing. There is the perfect mix of repetition and change on a weekly basis so the kids feel comfortable and familiar but there’s enough difference to keep it fresh and interesting. The tea and snacks are of course a highlight too.

You have got the perfect formula to how a play group should be run, and it runs so smoothly wholly because of your volunteers!


Laura Stimpson