Who we are


We provide community places and spaces where people from different backgrounds can find love, connection and belonging. We combat isolation and strengthen resilience, becoming stronger together. We design community activities where people participate, become integrated and develop new skills, encouraging them to be the best version of themselves. As we work from the grassroots within the local community, we encourage organic activities to evolve, creating volunteer enthusiasm, group responsibility and peer support, becoming better together. We reach out to those most excluded in society offering practical help and providing a voice for the voiceless.

"We've hardly missed a session since we started and I just want to thank all the staff for making this such a wonderful activity. "

- Liz Pilkington

Charlene Novak

Community Projects & Events Coordinator

Charlene is married with four children. She is passionate about working towards building a strong community where no-one feels alone and everyone has enough

She love donuts, Lebkuchen, and her dog Rusty. And she doesn’t like cheese and onion crisps and hair in her mouth

Alison Lloyd

Community Projects Manager

Alison is married with four children. She is passionate about causing everyone to feel loved and part of something bigger, giving hope and opportunity for change to those who feel hopeless.

She loves allotments, chickens, her dog Pippa and seafood. And doesn’t like liquorice, scratches on plastic or the word moist