Talk:Menopause (part of Tackling the Taboo*) is a community project aimed at improving support and knowledge about menopause and getting people to talk about it.

As well as working with the council and health services to ensure we collectively get better information and support for people in our area, we are proud to be working WITH you – the people who live in Huddersfield to set up groups and information sessions in the community. We have a community grant scheme to enable you to deliver and attend the support you want and need in your area.

Menopause Seed Training

If you’re passionate about helping people and breaking down the taboos linked to menopause that make many suffer in silence, this is the training for you.
Come and train with us to become a Menopause Seed – a seed works in the community to raise awareness of menopause through talking openly about it and signposting people to support.
We’ll train you in the basics of spotting the signs and symptoms of menopause. We’ll give you information to help signpost people to relevant local and national support and we’ll welcome you into our network of seeds working across the local area to share information, support and stories.
Apart from the initial training, we don’t ask you to commit a specific amount of time to this role, it’d just become part of your life toolkit. We really can change the world one conversation at a time.
We don’t have a training session date planned at the moment, but will update this page when we do.  
If you are interested in speaking to someone about this now, please contact

We’ve gone nuts about menopause seeds

Join local nutritionist Rosie Molinari to chat all things nutrition and menopause and take away, a free diversity jar full of nut and seed goodness.


Not suitable for people with nut allergies

Talk Menopause Screen Savers 

These images can be downloaded and shared on TV screens or as a screensaver in your place of work or public building


To access to the best information we have, as and when we get it, you can also follow our social media channels to keep in touch and up to date.

Local Support

If you are interested in applying for a community grant, to offer menopause support, please click the button to complete the form.

If you have any feedback or ideas, we’d love to hear from you. You can contact


*Tackling the Taboo is a project funded by Kirklees Council – via Ward Councillors, from the former Place Partnership for Hudd Central and North.