Jubilee Melody Dads

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Jubilee Melody Dads

Melody Dads 

A monthly stay and play session for ‘dads to be dads’! 

WHO: For dads, grandads and male carers and children from 0-10 (though not exclusive) 
WHEN: 3rd Saturday of the month: 9.45am – 11.45am 
COST: £1 per person over 6 months old, plus bring extra money if you would like a breakfast butty 

Many groups meet during the week when dads and grandads cannot always get there so we have a Saturday group for dads to share their experiences and have fun together. We place a high value on male carers and aim to support them in their important role. We provide a space where men can build friendships among those with similar aged kids. Kids’ ages range from 0-10, but no limit is imposed. For the older children, we have youth club toys available to play with. Elevenses can be ordered and bought to consume with the free drink – including bacon, sausage, egg butties or toasted tea-cakes, or you could have the biscuits provided. 

Come and have fun in our wide spacious hall with toys, games, singing and eating together. This group is based on the patterns, ethos and educational ideals of Melody Makers. 

Due to covid-19 restrictions, this session is not open.