Jubilee Friends – Afternoon Tea

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Afternoon Tea & Activities for those aged 60 or over 

WHO: Those aged 60 or over 
WHEN: 4th Saturday of every month, 2pm – 4pm (NOT CURRENTLY RUNNING DUE TO COVID, WILL BE BACK SOON)
COST: £2 per person

Jubilee Friends is a social group aiming to bring people together in a relaxed, safe and friendly environment.  It’s good to make new friends and explore creative ideas to keep minds and bodies active. With each session different from the last, this group is fun and always has something new to try. With a tasty afternoon tea and a hot cuppa to chat over, there are activities such as quizzes, board games, sports activities and days out together. 

Our guests tell us they enjoy coming and here are some of the quotes captured during our time together: 

“I love the sense of belonging here” 

“ This group feels like family to me, I am making lots of new friends and meet up with them during the week in between our monthly meetings.” 

“I feel happy when I come to Jubilee Friends. I don’t always feel happy in my life but when I come here, I feel joy. I really look forward to coming each time. Thank you.”