Get Active

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Get Active

Jubilee Get Active 

A light exercise class 

WHO: those with mobility issues or long term health issue 
WHEN: Monday 11:15am-12:15pm (if it’s your first class, please arrive at 10.45am) 
COST: This class is £4 per session  

Our light exercise class is designed for mature adults and those with mobility issues. It is suitable for a range of fitness levels. Exercises can be tailored to your individual needs. 

‘Get Active’ is designed to promote fitness, flexibility, coordination, joint mobility and strength. We would like those who would not normally access gym classes to feel welcome and give it a go. It is vital that no-one feels too out of shape to be able to come and learn something. We feel that it is important that everyone has the opportunity to stay supple, mobile and independent. We want to increase core strength to prevent falls, and leg strength to enable strong chair exiting. Life feels so much better when we feel stronger and mobile. 

If you join us on a Monday for Get Active then why not come along for free tea & coffee served from 10:30am and an optional luncheon club after the class.